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The top High Rollers at Hi Rollers get a percentage of their money back every week! The VIP Weekly Cash Back is based on a player’s losses of the week (deposits minus withdrawals). The Cashback is credited every Monday just in time to kickstart a new week of action. VIP players will see their weekly Cashback added as a cash bonus with a tiny wagering, or as straight cash for the top tier. This sleek benefit acts as an insurance on all your play, so regardless if you weren’t that lucky on a week, a portion of your losses is reimbursed for a second chance.

Hi Rollers! reward High Rollers! with special cash bonuses: It’s our way of saying; “you’re a High Roller!,
you’ve arrived!”
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Rising to VIP status involves unlocking the ability to earn instant rewards upon reaching new levels, as well as receiving personalised gifts based on activity, birthday bonuses, and free prizes on the house for top tiers. Surprise gifts are not uncommon.

High Roller! Bonuses & Cash Back Rewards


Being an elite player means getting to pick from a splendid catalog of exclusive deals and promotions, unique to Hi Roller VIP Club members only. Bigger deposit bonuses, higher-table limits, larger bonus bundles or even free stuff are all part of what you can come to expect from our weekly VIP specials. 



Want your winnings safe and fast? Hi Rollers secure withdrawal system is enhanced and boosted for Hi Rollers VIP Club Members. Get your withdrawals in a faster manner, and enjoy higher or no withdrawal limits, so you can cash in and cash out flawlessly.

What makes a Hi Roller
a High Roller?

How can I Join Hi Rollers VIP Club?

How can I Join Hi Rollers VIP Club?

Keeping a good and constant activity is the best way to get you to stand out. The more you play at Hi Rollers the closer you’ll get to reaching a higher level. All it takes is for you to enjoy your Hi Rollers experience; we’ll take care of the rest. Players shining through will get an invitation to join the club when it’s time.

Why become a
High Roller?

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